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Welcome to Staromiskaya district

Dear investors and visitors of the portal!

The Starominskaya district is a political subdivision of the Krasnodar region.

The priority development of the district is investment attraction.

There are such factors of the investment attractiveness of the Municipal Formation as favorable geographical location, availability of transport interchanges, natural and labor resources here.

The district is located in the northern part of the Krasnodar region and shares its borders with the Rostov region.

The district territory makes 1060 square kilometers, population -40, 9 thousand people, economically active population -21, 2 thousand people. 

Starominskaya is large junction station, where railways direction Yeysk city Ц Krasnodar city Ц Rostov-on-Don city Ц Tikhoretsk city cross.

The North-Caucasian Railway Line is a basis of the district transport network.

The Cossack village of Starominskaya is located at the intersection of the regional motor highways: Rostov-on-Don Ц Azov Ц Krasnodar Ц Tikhoretsk.

The International Airport and the river port of the city of Rostov-on-Don is 120 km from the district center, the sea port of the city of Yeisk is 60 km, and the sea port of the city of Azov of the Rostov region is 80 km.

Proximity to the Yeisk and Azov sea ports defines a large potential of the district. The geographical location of the region and developed transport infrastructure involves a unique opportunity to develop logistics centers, terminal stations, heavy truck parkings, recreations and large enterprises on processing agricultural products on the territory of the district.

The agricultural sector and processing industry are a basis of the economic potential of the district. The most of the working population of the district occupies those sectors of the economy.

Sincerely yours,
the Head of the Administration of the Municipal Formation Starominskaya District
V.V. Gorb